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There was a recent update for the Facebook App on Andriod on October 6th 2023 that made it so some users were unable to see other peoples comments being displayed.

I searched the internet for a solution and tried most of what was suggested out there which included these 7 methods

  • Restart Facebook App
  • Reboot Your Phone
  • Clear Browsing Data
  • Check for Network Connection
  • Update Facebook App
  • Re-Login your Facebook Account
  • Check if Facebook is Down



None of these options worked for me!!!!

I was very frustrated with this and really needed a solution. I went as far as uninstalling the Facebook App, restarted my phoe and reinstalled. I then opted for the Facebook Lite option and I was able to finally see the comments.

Gears started turning in my head, I searched reddit for a solution and this is where I realized several other people reported having this problem in the last few days.

After gathering some info it sppeared we were all using Android version 13.


…This had to be an updated related problem


I decided that I would uninstall Facebook and download an earlier version of the APK to see if this fixed the issue.. IT DID!!! I then went in and updated to the latest version of the Facebook App in the Google Play Store and the comments were still visible.

To fix the problem of your Facebook Comments no longer displaing on Android version 13 you will simply need to download a pervious version of the APK, Install it, check that you can see the comments and then I HIGHLY suggest going tot he play store to update the app.



Issue resolved!!!



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